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We are a Spanish textile company



textile production

Texia is a textile company dedicated to the design, patterns, and production of women’s clothing. Established in 2012 from a team of design and pattern professionals who, after years of work experience, decided to undertake their own project that combines quality and care for detail with industrial production.

What we do

Industrial textile production based on quality and detail


In the creative process of design, each idea is worked as a team. It always develops in a group, contributing, discarding, incorporating, always innovating.


The pattern department is responsible for making the ideas come true. Patterns, samples, retouches, and corrections, until we achieve the perfect garment.


Texia has its own workshop to create prototypes, where the most suitable arrangements and finishes are studied for each garment, according to its design and target.



Management with the customer is carried out by technical personnel, which guarantees a quick and reliable response at any time during the production process. Constant dialogue with the customer is the motto of Texia’s business philosophy.


The correct selection of fabrics and accessories for each product is key to increased efficiency. The production department manages the purchase of all materials to make each garment.



Quality control is carried out in each production process, from the beginning. Product supervision is carried out for each individual garment prior to packaging, so that the customer receives them in perfect condition and within the estimated delivery time.

That is how we are

All production is carried out in Portugal.

Our work capacity achieves 15,000 garments a month.

We indirectly employ nearly 1,000 people.


European production

Monthly garments

Indirect employment


With a clear international character, this Spanish company is located in an industrial area near Portugal. A country whose textile industry is backed by the quality of its raw materials with expert circular knit manufacturing. All Texia production is carried out in Portuguese workshops, thus, geographic proximity is vital for proper supervision of the different production phases, quality control, and logistics.


Because the capacity to create is infinite and the illusion to surprise is the incentive of each collection.

Circular knit

Texia is specialized in circular knit, a product where the details make the difference.

There are infinite possibilities in terms of finishes: heat-setting, transfer, all over print, positional print, embroidery, applications, etc. The decision of each element is key in the final result of a garment.

  • Raw Materials 90% 90%
  • Industrial production 77% 77%
  • Detail perfection 85% 85%


Certifications with which our suppliers comply



Politic privacity